Accting Plus offers you a complete and reliable bookkeeping solutions for your business needs. When it comes to bookkeeping, we’ve only one goal – to use our expert knowledge and experience to guarantee your financial success. Regardless of your industry (food & beverages, real estate, education, contracting, etc.), we’re ready to work with you, and ensure you achieve your financial goals.

Most firms offer bookkeeping-only services, but we’re different. We combine our bookkeeping & accounting knowledge to provide you with effective financial solutions. Thus, ensuring you don’t make costly mistakes that can affect your business’s finances. Our bookkeeping service includes, but not limited to:

  • cash account records (cash receipts and disbursements)

  •  inventory records

  • accounts payable

  • account receivable

  • loans payable

  • payroll services, and much more!



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Financial Planning 

You had a great business idea, sourced for funds, and set up your business. Demand is increasing and prospects seem unlimited. You know you’re unto something that works. However, you’re in a little dilemma on how to proceed to avoid making costly mistakes – should you hire more sales people or maybe buy more space in order to keep up with demand? Even if you’re not a new business, you don't want to make financial decisions without a clear plan – We can help.

Accting Plus will analyze your business finances to help you map out a financial plan to achieve your business objectives.


Bookkeeping Training

Our bookkeeping training services allow your company to stay in control of its finances as well as understand its net worth. We have experts on ground ready to train you on how to compare your financial records with that of the competition and prevent any chances of financial fraud happening within your business.

The training is offered for Quickbook. The aim of our training is to increase your professional skills, knowledge and personal qualities in managing finances. In addition, our training helps you to effectively distinguish the types of revenue and expense use in business operations, thereby helping you keep your records straightforward and organized. Some of the things you will learn include; general ledger accounts, accounts payable, accounts receivable and bank reconciliation.

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