If you’re looking for the right company to professionally manage the bookkeeping and accounting aspect of your business, then you’re at the right place. Accting Plus offers accurate, affordable, flexible and scalable bookkeeping, accounting & financial planning for your business.


We’re your one-stop company for all your financial and business needs.

we guarantee
affordable bookkeeping & Financial Planning tailored to your business Goals

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our mission:

To provide businesses with forward-thinking financial management services that encompasses all areas of business operation. We leverage our analytical expertise and years of experience to deliver effective bookkeeping and financial planning to ensure your business achieve its financial goals.

Our commitment to you:

We are committed to providing aggressive, cost effective bookkeeping, accounting and financial planning services to ensure that adequate funds are always available for your business operations and to facilitate business growth through capital investment. We believe in true collaboration in order to develop a strategic financial plan that will add meaningful long-term value to the businesses we serve.